Large Format Red Lines

Reducing Construction Costs Using Color Documents (Red Lines)

General construction industry estimates claim that between 10 and 30 percent of all building project costs can be attributed to wasted activities. Based on US Department of Commerce building estimates for 2009, a 10 percent waste factor is equal to $94 billion.

Construction is a complex process involving multiple stakeholders collaborating and coordinating complex tasks in unpredictable conditions under rigid deadlines. Effective collaboration requires effective communication. In construction, communication begins with building designs.

A study issued by imaging consulting firm Lyra Research* found construction workflows that leverage color design and construction documentation and printing provide an important means for reducing costs for traditional design-bid-built projects. It was determined that each incremental dollar invested in color printing can yield $4 savings for a given project.

Although CAD color systems are widely in place today and construction documentation and designs are created natively in color, color CAD documentation techniques are generally underutilized in building projects. This is because of the perception color construction documents (commonly referred to as red lines) are exponentially more expensive than traditional black and white construction documents.

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