Large Format Black & White


LDI was one of the first companies to promote the use of digitally generated bond prints instead of blueprints. We call this “Reproprinting,” as opposed to “blueprinting.” Today, bond is the quality and speed standard for both large- and small-format prints worldwide; LDI has incomparable experience in high-volume, wide-format digital printing, and the word “Reproprinting” is an exclusive LDI registered trade name.

Half size prints for half price

Standard drawing sizes used in construction can get very unwieldy very quickly depending on the size of the construction set. By reducing a drawing image to 50% of its original size (resulting in a half scale drawing) a 24×36 set of drawings becomes a 12×18 set of drawings. This smaller construction set is easy to read, more convenient to handle, almost half the cost of a full size construction set.

File management

Although digital files are a more convenient way to distribute construction documents, LDI recognizes that mishandled digital files can result in a lot of wasted time, effort, and ultimately money. That is why all LDI branches practice sound file management techniques and procedures to ensure all digital drawing sets are properly named, in proper order, with images properly oriented. LDI branches also integrate all addenda drawings into the digital set (LDI refers to this as merge/purge) to ensure the end user gets the most up to date files and prints.

Downloading files from third party sites

All LDI locations will, as requested by our customers, access and download digital files from third party websites. LDI will extract and process the files at no extra charge as long as there is an accompanying print order.

Xpressfile® file delivery

Your digital file order will be sent to you via LDI Xpressfile, a safe secure method developed by LDI that gets the right files quickly to the right customer. Just follow the prompts once you have received your Xpressfile notification email.

Weatherproof Job Site Drawings

LDI can now print your job site construction drawings onto Tyvek® making them moisture and tear resistant. Contact your local LDI location for more details.