The Largest Free Online Plan Room in the Southeast!

Plan distribution is as important to our customers as printing and we have developed many innovative digital distribution services, including Plans-on-File, Xpressfile®, and XpressBid private plan room. Today, LDI is a major distributor of bid documents in the Southeastern United States

About the LDI Line

The LDI Line is a free source of construction project leads currently bidding throughout the Southeastern United States. The LDI Line is updated every business day and contains high-quality commercial and public sector construction leads. The LDI Line also tracks critical project addenda and allows contractors to view plans and specifications. Hard copy and digital plans of any LDI Line project can be purchased from any LDI print location.

How the LDI Line Works

General contractors (GCs), architects, and owners can list projects at no cost on the LDI Line to facilitate maximum exposure to potential bidders. Sub contractors, vendors, and suppliers can notify GCs, architects, and owners of their intention to bid any LDI Line project.

LDI Line Daily Email Updates

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  • Maximum Exposure to Potential Bidders
  • Updated Every Business Day
  • Browse & View Plans for FREE
  • Commercial & Public Sector Construction Leads
  • Purchase Plans online