About LDI Reproprinting


LDI was one of the first companies to promote the use of digitally generated bond prints instead of blueprints. We call this “Reproprinting,” as opposed to “blueprinting.” Today, bond is the quality and speed standard for both large- and small-format prints worldwide; LDI has incomparable experience in high-volume, wide-format digital printing, and the word “Reproprinting” is an exclusive LDI registered trade name.


LDI® was founded by Ralph Blanchard, a corporate executive turned entrepreneur who holds a PhD and who at one time served on the faculty of the State University of New York. LDI’s first Reproprinting Center was located in Tucker, GA (a suburb of Atlanta) and opened on June 1, 1987. Our strategy at the time was twofold:

  1. To replace blueprinting with black line plain paper
  2. To emphasize short run orders over long run orders offering print-on-demand.


First licensed location established in Norcross Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Our founder understood that entrepreneurial drive and motivation are the best ways to achieve a higher level of customer service.



First franchised location. LDI ReproPrinting is the only construction printing franchise opportunity available in the U.S. Today we have over twenty locations in five states throughout the southeast.


Transition from analog to digital. We purchased the first high speed large format digital printers sold in metro Atlanta. LDI’s expertise in digital file management is unmatched and helps ensure the highest quality customer service.



Launched LDI Line Website and email service. LDILine.com offers free listings of construction projects currently bidding throughout the southeast. This dynamic Website is updated on a daily basis. Users can subscribe, at no charge, to receive a daily email recapping these updates. Today the LDI Line has over 50 thousand subscribers. To learn more click here.


Restructured corporate ownership. In June 2003, a group of four LDI franchisees purchased LDI Corporate. This new executive team collectively own six franchised locations and has between them over one hundred years of printing experience. The new ownership group is committed to the continued success of LDI ReproPrinting.



Adding color printing to our product mix. LDI pioneered inexpensive high speed black and white large format printing services. Now LDI brings this same level of expertise to large and small format color printing. Most LDI branches now offer high speed digital color printing at very competitive prices. Contact any LDI branch or click on the location link for a list of color printing services offered.